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This page shall give a quick impression of the TrendViewer applet.
Klick into the diagram to see the exact time and value where the cursor line hits the trend line. Klick right into the diagram in two different places to zoom.
There are four modes to display a trend from discrete data samples:
1. The yellow line. The line connects the points with a direct line segment. This is useful for most application cases.
2. The green line. The line is drawn in horizontal direction to the next point and then vertically to the new level. This is useful when it's known that a value keeps constant until it is (suddenly) changed, e.g a setpoint that is kept for a long time and then manually changed.
3. The blue crosses. Each cross marks a recorded time-value pair. This is useful to get an impression of the recorded data density.
4. The red lines. Here, the recorded data is interpreted as single independent bits. This is useful to record a group of states in a single file.
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