This is a preview for a web-based HMI designer

It works on my box with Netscape 4.77 on SuSE Linux 6.3. Java and javascript must be enabled. Applets access each other and javascript acesses the viewer applet.

HMI screen under development

Elements can be moved and resized with the mouse.
Move: press left button in the upper left quarter of an element, then drag it to new position.
Resize: press left button in the lower right quarter of an element, then drag it to new size.

Modify Parameters here:

Click into left half of a line to decrease, into right half to increase value. Colors mean: blue -100, lighter blue -10, lightest blue -1, lightest red +1, ligh red +10, darker red +100
Click on Elements here to add them to HMI screen.
1. Click "Show applet tag" to see the code for the applet tag, that would show your modified design in an HTML page.
2. Click "Submit" to see call up this page and see how the fake viewer displays your design.