Class hmiNoCI


public class hmiNoCI
extends Object
implements hmiCommunicationInterface
"Empty" communication interface currently used for designer.

Variable Index

 o debug
 o first
 o hostError
 o owner

Constructor Index

 o hmiNoCI()

Method Index

 o destroy()
 o getAlarmMessages(String, Vector)
Get the alarm messages from a variable range given in alarmRange.
 o getHostError()
 o getTrendData(String, String, Vector, int)
 o getValTab()
 o init(hmiList2)
 o init2()
 o open()
 o putVal(String, double)
 o stop()
 o tPutVal(String)


 o debug
 static final int debug
 o hostError
 int hostError
 o owner
 hmiList2 owner
 o first
 boolean first


 o hmiNoCI
 public hmiNoCI()


 o putVal
 public void putVal(String k,
                    double v)
 o tPutVal
 public void tPutVal(String k)
 o init
 public void init(hmiList2 owner)
 o open
 public void open()
 o init2
 public void init2()
 o getValTab
 public void getValTab()
 o destroy
 public void destroy()
 o getHostError
 public int getHostError()
 o getTrendData
 public String getTrendData(String k,
                            String last,
                            Vector timeValuePairs,
                            int maxLen)
 o stop
 public void stop()
 o getAlarmMessages
 public void getAlarmMessages(String alarmRange,
                              Vector messages)
Get the alarm messages from a variable range given in alarmRange. Not yet implemented in any CI.