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This is the test page for hmiAngularDial.

You will need JAVA to view it. next Demo

You may wish to create your own round instruments to use them with VISUAL. To do so, create a background image of the instrument with scales etc. Include this into your page either by copying it into the background or using the hmiMultiIcon widget as a wrapper. Then arrange a hmiAngularDial widget over it. This will provide a pointer which you can fit to your instrument providing the following parameters:


Type:left click:right click:
Potentiometersdecrease valueincrease value
Switch buttonswitch offswitch on
Digitally coded switch:
Click the upper button of the symbol to increase digit;
Click the lower button of the symbol to decrease digit;
On other elements:
Left mouse button will call up a trend view of the shown value.
Right mouse button will mark this value to be inluded inthe next trend view.

What's the fake here?

The fake is that the data is generated by the applet hmiFake.class itself. The other classes used for the single display elements are the same as in the real application and bevave the same way with one difference: They do not try to write back values.
In the real application, data is fetched from the main application via TCP/IP connection.