Class PageViewer


public class PageViewer
extends Frame
implements WindowListener
PageViewer is an extended applet viewer that can handle page changes via showDocument method.

Variable Index

 o app
 o applets
 o context
 o debug
 o showStatusBar
 o statusBar
 o tag

Constructor Index

 o PageViewer(URL, AppletTag)

Method Index

 o createApplet(AppletTag, AppletStub)
 o main(String[])
 o openAppletURLConnection(String)
open a url connection to a specified location, file or url.
 o quit()
 o startPage(String[])
 o windowActivated(WindowEvent)
 o windowClosed(WindowEvent)
 o windowClosing(WindowEvent)
 o windowDeactivated(WindowEvent)
 o windowDeiconified(WindowEvent)
 o windowIconified(WindowEvent)
 o windowOpened(WindowEvent)


 o debug
 public static boolean debug
 o showStatusBar
 static boolean showStatusBar
 o statusBar
 Label statusBar
 o app
 Applet app
 o tag
 AppletTag tag
 o context
 AppletContext context
 o applets
 private static Vector applets


 o PageViewer
 public PageViewer(URL documentBase,
                   AppletTag tag) throws IOException


 o createApplet
 public static final Applet createApplet(AppletTag tag,
                                         AppletStub stub)
 o quit
 public void quit()
 o startPage
 public static void startPage(String args[]) throws Exception
 o main
 public static void main(String args[]) throws Exception
 o openAppletURLConnection
 public static URLConnection openAppletURLConnection(String loc) throws IOException
open a url connection to a specified location, file or url. Use the obtained URLConnection to get the effective documentbase for the applet (getURL()), and use getInputStream() to get the html input to parse for applet tags

 o windowActivated
 public void windowActivated(WindowEvent evt)
 o windowClosed
 public void windowClosed(WindowEvent evt)
 o windowClosing
 public void windowClosing(WindowEvent e)
 o windowDeactivated
 public void windowDeactivated(WindowEvent evt)
 o windowDeiconified
 public void windowDeiconified(WindowEvent evt)
 o windowIconified
 public void windowIconified(WindowEvent evt)
 o windowOpened
 public void windowOpened(WindowEvent evt)