Class PV2


public class PV2
extends Frame
implements WindowListener
Modified version of PageViewer to show all applets in the same window.

Variable Index

 o app
 o applets
 o context
 o debug
 o showStatusBar
 o statusBar
 o tag

Constructor Index

 o PV2(String[])

Method Index

 o main(String[])
 o quit()
 o windowActivated(WindowEvent)
 o windowClosed(WindowEvent)
 o windowClosing(WindowEvent)
 o windowDeactivated(WindowEvent)
 o windowDeiconified(WindowEvent)
 o windowIconified(WindowEvent)
 o windowOpened(WindowEvent)


 o debug
 public static boolean debug
 o showStatusBar
 static boolean showStatusBar
 o statusBar
 Label statusBar
 o app
 Applet app
 o tag
 AppletTag tag
 o context
 AppletContext context
 o applets
 private static Vector applets


 o PV2
 PV2(String args[])


 o quit
 public void quit()
 o main
 public static void main(String args[]) throws Exception
 o windowActivated
 public void windowActivated(WindowEvent evt)
 o windowClosed
 public void windowClosed(WindowEvent evt)
 o windowClosing
 public void windowClosing(WindowEvent e)
 o windowDeactivated
 public void windowDeactivated(WindowEvent evt)
 o windowDeiconified
 public void windowDeiconified(WindowEvent evt)
 o windowIconified
 public void windowIconified(WindowEvent evt)
 o windowOpened
 public void windowOpened(WindowEvent evt)