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Visual is a set of programs to control,operate and monitor industrial machinery from a computer screen, either on a local computer or over intra-/internet.


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Principles of Operation An introduction
Components Overview The most detailed Documentation currently available.
Source code.
Documentation for Viewer,Designer and Widgets
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click here for Demo HMI Screen click here for a Designer Demo Page BIG FAT WARNING:
This is pre-alpha code and information. You assume all responsibility for its use.

DANGER: DON'T connect to a PLC unless you are certain it is safe to do so!!! It is assumed that you are experienced in PLC programming/troubleshooting and that you know EXACTLY what you are doing. PLC's are used to control industrial processes, motors, steam valves, hydraulic presses, etc. You are ABSOLUTELY RESPONSIBLE for ensuring that NO-ONE is in danger of being injured or killed because you affected the operation of a running PLC.
Also expect that buggy drivers could write data even when you expect that they will read only !!!

A Demo of an HMI screen A Demo preview of a web-based HMI designer.